The fall has always been one of my favourite seasons, here are some of these things!


In my eyes fall means that we can wear darker colors a lot more. I love wearing darker 9E865C14-624C-422C-B560-577D50A50CED.JPGcolors in general but now it will match way more with the season. During this season I like to wear a lot of dark red and purple colors. As of right now I’m wearing a big red hoodie that also keeps me warm.

During fall the temperature will cool down which also means that we can wear more layers, I always loved wearing more layers because you can play around with it.


F3BA89AD-8600-41EE-8E4E-FD6D06CCEC67.JPGOne thing that I also love about fall is how it looks outside. I love seeing all the leaves in different colors, like yellow, red, orange and brown. It gives me such a warm feeling and it makes me so excited for the Halloween.

It’s so amazing to see nature change in a certain amount of time, going from trees that are full with green leaves to a big bald tree. I have a really big chestnut tree in my garden and I love seeing it change.


During fall I love decorating my dorm into a fall theme, with a lot of fairy lights and b86e4ad2a74e7c808b5ee1d8750da66d--halloween-pics-fall-halloweensome pumpkins here and there. I also start to put on darker bed sheets on my bed and I also like to put on some nice smelling pumpkin candles.

Now that you saw what I like about fall/autum, tell my what you like or what you don’t like about it! Leave a comment down below!

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