Dream tag

Do you dream?Β 

Yes I dream almost every night, but I don’t remember what they were about.

What did you dream about last night?

Last night I dreamed about something weird, I was doing an audition to get into a sort of download (1)girl band. I’m afraid to go on a stage so it was really confusing because I won the competition and ended up performing with 2 other girls that got into that girlband as well.

How many dreams do you usually remember?

Well it depends on the dream, if it’s really weird I will most likely remember it. But I think I remember 2 or 3 dreams a week.

Do you have a dream journal?

No, but I would be really interested to get one so I can write it down. It would be fun to look back on them every now and then.

Do you lucid dream?

Yes I do quite occasionally, it’s a really weird experience but also really nice because it gives me the feeling of being in control.

Do you dream in color?

Well actually I can’t really remember if I do, I’m probably not paying enough attention to it.

Do you dream in first person?

Yes lucky enough I do, it would be really weird to dream about other people and looking at them from a distance, I think it would give me the feeling that I’m dead or something.

download (2)

Do you have recurring dreams?

I had this period where I had recurring dreams and I can tell you it wasn’t really fun because it was a bloody nightmare that kept repeating every night. I won’t go into much detail but it was about someone who kept abusing me.

How often do you have nightmares?

When I was younger I had quite a lot of nightmares and some of them were so realistic. Now I only have nightmares when I saw a scary movie or when I talked to someone about a certain subject.

Have you ever had a deja vu?

Yes I had and it always freaks me out because I have it so often that sometimes it isn’t even fun anymore because I hate some of them.

Tell me what you dream about and what wasΒ theΒ mostΒ creepiness deja vu that you ever had?


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