I have a proper bucketlist that I’ve already uploaded on my blog, but I’m also a person that has an anti-bucketlist with things that I would never do. If someone ever comes up to me to do one of those things I probably will run away or disappear, because I hate them so much.


skydive-1080x675I’m so scared of heights that this is a completely no go for me. It’s not only the heights but it’s also the fact that I’m scared that something will happen to the plane, I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s just that I’m scared because I’m not the person that’s in control.

Maybe my opinion will change in the future but for now I would probably never skydive.

Hold a big spider or snake

Reptiles and spiders aren’t my thing either and to hold them gives me the shivers already. I know there are spiders and snakes that aren’t dangerous but I know that they both have a weird sort of skin and even imagining the feeling of that freaks me out.

The high school that I was in had them both and I can tell you, I would never feed them. I would always ask someone else to do it. I wouldn’t even go into the room that they were in, that’s how bloody scared I am.

So if someone ever pulls a prank on me with giving me one of these, I probably will take a run and cry my eyeballs out.

Cut my hair short

I’ve done this before and I would NEVER ever do it again. It was soooo ugly and it made 5-things-to-know-before-cutting-your-hair-shortmy face looks so much bigger. I love my long hair and it took me so long to grow it back the length that I love, I have curly hair so it instantly looks a little shorter when I would straighten it.

So cutting my hair is a no go as well, I love taking care of my long hair and making sure that it’s healthy.

What are your anti-bucketlist items, leave it down in the comments below!

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