1504354019_maxresdefaultFinally the day came, that Niall released his album Flicker. Flicker was released on Friday October 20th in 2017. The deluxe album includes 13 songs of Niall’s first solo material, and one song is a collab with Marren Moris.

I will talk a bit about each song one by one.

On The Loose – 3:44

On The Loose is the only song from the album that I heard before the album was released besides the single releases. Ever since hearing the live version, I’ve been excited to hear what the studio version would be like.

On The Loose sounds really funky in my ears and I’ve been loving every second of it. It’s a good one to open the album with. I instantly was able to sing along. Love the song and for some reason I hear a bit of a 1D song in it but I can’t lay my finger on which one it would be.

This Town – 3:53

This Town was the first single that Niall released and it’s a really good one that sort of describes the album. I loved it since I first heard it and I don’t think I could say much more about this, because it’s been already out for a year.

Seeing Blind ft. Maren Morris – 3:05

This has been one of my favorites from the album, I love the sound of it and it gives me a bit of a country vibe for some sort of reason. I really like how much Niall and Maren’s voices sound together.

The lyrics are really strong and the chorus is my favorite part of the lyrics.

Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise
And I can’t believe my eyes
Oh, I must be seeing blind
You’re too good to be all mine
Now I’m looking in your eyes
Oh, I must be seeing blind

Slow Hands – 3:08

I mean how much more can I say about this song, I loved it ever since it came out andnews_4-1000x560 hearing it on the album makes me realise that it sounds way different from all the other songs on the album.

Too Much To Ask – 3:43

I’m not gonna say much about this one because I only wrote a review about it a couple of weeks ago, so if you wanna know my opinion about this one you should scroll down on my blog.

But I can tell you that I really liked it.

Paper Houses – 3:45

This is the one that I instantly loved as well, I love Niall’s voice on it. It sounds so soft and so sweet, it gave me so many goosebumps. It reminded me in some way of This Town because that one was slow and soft as well.

This song also makes me realise that Niall is soooo underrated as a songwriter, the lyrics have such a deep meaning. It was also the first song that brought me to tears.

Yeah, our paper houses reach the stars
‘Til we break and scatter miles apart
Our paper houses on the stars
Why do we climb to fall so far?

Since We’re Alone – 4:03

This song sounded a bit like On The Loose because of the guitar that sort of makes the same beat, but besides that I really loved it.

I think would love to play this one on a morning to wake up to because it has such a chilled vibe and it’s also a good one to play in the car and then jam out to it whilst tapping your fingers against theΒ  stirring wheel.

Flicker – 4:18

The song that the album got named after and wow what an amazing song. For some reason I can really relate to this song in some sort of way and during this song I really felt all the emotions coming up.

It’s such a pretty and sweet song that I can see myself playing on the days that I’m alone by myself thinking about life. Flicker has really touched my soul and I know that I gonna play this one on repeat most of the times.

When you feel your love’s been taken
When you know there’s something missing
In the dark, we’re barely hangin’ on
Then you rest your head upon my chest
And you feel like there ain’t nothing left
I’m afraid that what we had is gone

Fire Away – 3:26

This song instantly gave me a Sunday morning feeling where I would play it whilst drinking my usual morning coffee.

It again gives me such a chilled vibe which I really love. The chorus also made me cry because he sings about not being afraid to cry and just showing your emotions and that’s what really hit me, it made me realise that I keep too much to myself. So again he did a good job with the lyrics.

Darling you don’t have to hold it
You don’t have to be afraid
You can go ahead, unload it
‘Cause you know it’ll be okay
Fire away, hm
Fire away
Oh, fire away
Fire away

You And Me – 3:06

When I saw the title of this one, my mind instantly went to the song You & I. Honestly I don’t know why but it also made me think that this was gonna be a slow just like You & I is.

But in the end it wasn’t that slow. I really loved the beat and the low voice that he uses in this song made me laugh a bit because normally he doesn’t sing that low. The last part of the song was my favorite part because I really liked the backing vocals on it because it made the chorus a lot stronger in my eyes.

On My Own – 4:01

I mean, I think we all got that Irish vibe of this song and it instantly made me so happy and excited to hear it live. Where all the fans will be screaming/ singing the song out of the top of their lungs.

It’s also a song that I would love to hear in the pub, and I really hope that he will bring a music video out of this one. It would be really funny if the music video would be shot in a pub, but it probably won’t happen. But it’s just something that I could imagine.

Mirrors – 3:38

This is my all time favorite for sure, it’s again one that I could relate too so much more than I realised. Also one that will be played a lot on repeat.

The lyrics have again such a deep meaning and is so well written. But also the melody and his voice sound amazing on this one.

I need love to hold me closer
In the night, just enough
To feel my body come alive
And my bone’s not breaking, my heart’s not shaking
I need love, need love

The Tide – 3:21

When I heard the first few seconds of this song, I wasn’t really sure what to expect or what to think because it sounded for some reason really weird in my ears, but that could be just me.

It took me a minute to like this song, which is okay. It sounded a bit like a Coldplay song in to me but I really liked it and could imagine this being played on the radio. I think it’s a good one to end the album with.

My overall opinion

I really really really loved the album, and I’m so glad that I bought it on iTunes and not just only downloaded it on Spotify because it’s worth the money. And I would advice YOU to give it a listen and BUY IT for sure, because it’s amazing!



  1. saradiz says:

    I’m planning on doing a review on it and Liam’s bedroom floor since they released but I’m not getting the time to write. I hope I’ll right them soon! Btw great review! I absolutely love the album! xx


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