Written on: October 13th 2017

Lately I’ve been having a lot on my mind and I feel that writing it down is better than keeping it in my brain. So here is my first brain dump!

Missing woman

download (4)About 2 weeks ago this 25-year-old woman went missing and normally I don’t pay much attention to cases like this but for some reason I wanted to keep up with it, I just wanted to know what was going on. And yesterday on October 12th she was found dead, killed by a man who already had some cases on his name.

The man who killed her, lived in a clinic because he had raped 2 young girls. On the day that he killed her, he was able to leave to go to his mothers birthday. He land his mothers car and dumped the woman somewhere in a forrest.w

The thing that I’ve been thinking about the most is, how is it possible that this man has ANP-53674118been able to do this, why is no one watching him? He has told other people in the clinic that he had found a perfect hiding spot for a body and that he would love to do it. I mean why did no one keep an eye on this man if they knew what he was going to do. He even had a relationship with someone who worked there, I know that you fall in love with anyone that you want, but she should have known that he is completely insane. How can you love someone who has raped 2 little girls and is proud of that?, how can you love someone that has killed a young innocent woman? I would never be able to look somebody who has done that in the eyes.

Something that was also on my mind during these days of her being missed, how horrible would her last hours have been. She just went for a bike ride but never came back, I feel so sorry for her family and friends. She will be missed.

I never worried so much about someone who I didn’t even know.

Also this makes me feeling unsafe, knowing that creeps like this man are walking around and are able to kill or rape harmless people.


news_1-430x320Today the tickets for Niall’s world tour went on sale. Sadly enough I wasn’t able to get tickets due to the fact that I didn’t have money but I also didn’t have time to order them. Normally I’m not that upset that I don’t get tickets because maybe in the future I would be able to see him in the future, but for some reason I was really upset.

I know that I got tickets to see Harry next year, which I’m really excited about but I still would have loved to see Niall as well because I really like his music, so it would have been awesome to see him perform them live.

So this was my first little brain dump, hope you guys liked it and maybe I’ll write an another one.

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