This is my morning routine on a day that I don’t have school or work. So it’s basically a morning where I work on my blog.

7:00 AM 

download (6)Usually when I don’t set an alarm I wake up at around 7:00 AM, I know it’s pretty early but it’s mostly because I have a very loud roommate and I don’t see the point of going back to sleep because I will wake up tired afterwards and that’s a feeling that I really do hate.

From 7:00 AM till 8:00 AM I spend in my bed, going through my phone. Reading my messages, watching some YouTube video’s that were posted the evening before, I also watch an episode of a serie that I watch and before I get out of bed, I play some Sudoku’s, to wake up my brain.

8:00 AM

At around 8:00 AM, I want to get out of bed because I hate spending the whole morning in bed. I take in my medicine first before I’ll do anything else and I take them in with a glass of water, to make sure that I drink enough. Because on some days I forget to drink.

After I’ve had my medicine I’ll make myself some breakfast. I’ll make a different breakfast every morning to make sure that I won’t get bored. If I don’t switch of I won’t make myself breakfast because I don’t want to eat/make the same boring breakfast every day.

I also make a smoothie every morning besides my breakfast, this is to make sure that I get enough vitamins besides the medicines that I get, because my body doesn’t take everything in.


8:20 AM

During eating my breakfast I’ll take a look at my planning, to see if I need to write a blogpost or schedule some of them in for later that week or month. After I’ve done that I’ll check the stats from the day before to see how many people have check out my blog and what kind of blogsposts were viewed that day.

This is to see what people are interested in and to check out if I need to change some things.

9:00 AM

After I’ve finished my breakfast, I’ll take a shower. This takes me depending on if I have 7d02faad36c8b8ef2a8404e17cd87356--chores-bullet-journal-bullet-journal-morning-routineto wash my hair, up about 15 to 30 minutes. I’ll also brush my teeth and afterward I’ll pick out my outfit for that day.

Whenever I have a day off, I spend it in comfy clothes because I prefer that over anything else. After I put on some clothes, I do my hair, I most likely put it in a ponytail or a bun because I hat it when it gets into my face during writing.

I also don’t wear a lot of make up, this is because I’m allergic to a lot of products and I don’t want to take a risk. The only thing that put on is mascara.

10:00 AM

From 10:00 AM till about 12:00 PM, I’ll spend the rest of my morning on my blog, I try to come up with some blog ideas and I write them down in a notebook. I also do this to make sure that I don’t write the same blogposts. Whenever I wrote a blogpost with that idea, I’ll stripe them off.

During this time I’ll also listen to some music to make the morning go faster and to make working on my blog a bit more enjoyable because it sometimes brings me some stress because I’ll get a writersblock.

So this is how I spend my morning on a day off, does it look a bit like yours or is it totally different. Let me know in the comments down below!

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