Harry Styles Live On Tour Amsterdam | 11.08.2017 πŸŽ€πŸŽΆπŸŽΈ

As you can already see in the title I went to see Harry in Amsterdam last Wednesday at the 8th of November and I can already tell you, it was amazing.

The line

blog9I think I waited in line for more than 5 hours with 2 other girls that I met in the queue. A lot of girls had been camping at the train station near the venue for more than 2 days, which means that some girls have been waiting for more than 60 hours outside in the freezing cold, I have a lot of respect for them!

I mean I would loved to have been in front of the stage but I told myself that it wouldn’t be too fun because people will push you and in the end you might get hurt, and it’s all about the fun in the end.

The queue wasn’t organized that well, the doors opened at 6:30 PM and as soon as peopleblog6 started moving in line you would get pushed which wasn’t a fun experience at all, it felt really unsafe and I almost lost my shoe because people kept pushing and pushing. To me they should have let small groups in and let small groups walk instead of a big group and letting everyone move. I’ve got a lot of bruises because of this and I’m really glad that I have a seat for my next concert.


blog14Once I split up from the 2 other girls that I was in line with, because they wanted to stand and I wanted to sit at the balcony because I’m quite small and I would be able to sit when I wanted to and see enough because people wouldn’t be blocking my view.

At 8:00 PM MUNA, the support act on Harry’s european part of his tour, started playing. I had never heard of MUNA before so I didn’t know what the expect. But they were really good, they had some fun up tempo songs and I would defenitly start listen to their music.

After MUNA played for half an hour we had a quick break for an another 30 minutes, at that moment time went soooo slow and I since I was all by myself I had no one to talk to and my phone was out of service for some sort of reason so I couldn’t text any of my friends.

Harry Styles

At 9:00 PM it was finally time for the person that we’ve been waiting for all day. Mister Harry Styles. I made sure to make as much video’s as I could so here Ever Since New York, the song that he opens the show with.

blog5.pngThe quallity isn’t the best because I sat pretty far away so I had to zoom all the way in but the quallity of the sound is still good. The opening was really amazing and it got me really excited for the rest of the show.

I won’t spoil everything because I know that there are some people that read my blog are gonna see him soon and I want it to keep a suprise for them. But I had the best night of my live, he sounded amazing, the band was amazing and the crowed had an amazing spirit, I was able to feel all the love and for some reason it made me feel emotional.

Harry also sang a couple of old 1D songs like Stockholm Syndrome and What Makes Youblog12 Beautiful that he changed up a bit which sounded really fun. He also performed the song that he wrote for Ariana GrandΓ©, Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart and OH MY LORD that sounded amazing! Harry also performed The Chain, which is orignally from Fleetwood Mac.

We were very lucky because Harry performed KIWI 2 times and both of them he sounded amazing.

It’s only a bit of the song because my phone stopped recording without me noticing because I was paying more attention to Harry than to my phone.

blog11.pngHarry ended the show with his first single, Sign Of The Times and wow it even sounds better live!

I’ve had an amazing night and at first I wanted to sell my ticket for March but in the end I’m not going to to that because I really want to see him again and see the difference between the 2 shows, because this was a smaller venue than the one that he’s gonna play at in March.

Oh and by the way, his suit looked amazing as well! But in the end I’m so glad that I was able to get a ticket like 3 weeks before the show and it was worth my money!

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